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Low tone deaf

I think I am different. I cannot hear cars, buses, electrical appliances, rain, foot steps without my hearing aids. I cannot hear low tone voices on the telephone. I prefer high pitched voices on the telephone.

I cannot hear song words on CDs or radios. I use subtitles on a dvd.

Am I am odd one out?

Everyone I seem to meet cannot hear high tones I am other way around.

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It is more common for people to have a high frequency loss, however there are more people out there than what you think with a low frequency loss. I found this after working in an Audiology department for a year :).

If you are still struggling go back to your audiology department, it may be that you need a new hearing test or that the levels on your hearing aids need adjusting.



Hi, I don't know if you are still around on the forum, as I realise your post was written some time ago.

Most of my hearing loss is low frequency and I had a diagnosis of otosclerosis 6 years ago. My hearing aids have been programmed to correct this as much as possible. I've not met anyone else with the same sort of hearing loss.


I guess I'd be considered the same, I can't hear a man's voice to save my life. Very frustrating. Yet I can hear a mouse squeak nearby. I have progressive hearing loss. In my last stages of the disease.