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Is there anyone on here who has lost hearing due to meningitis or has a cochlear implant


I lost my hearing in march due to bacterial meningitis i now have a cochlear implant and would like to speak to people who are in a similar situation as myself

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I lost my hearing in May 2014 to bacterial meningitis (severe in right ear), and now wear a hearing aid for that. How is the cochlear implant?

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Hi Lulu21, thankyou for your reply. I became profoundly deaf in March 2014 due to pnemococal meningitis. Unfortunately hearing aids didn't work for me. The cochlear implant is amazing technology. I mean it's not the same as normal hearing but it's a million times better than having no hearing. It does make it really difficult in some situations eg if it's very noisy I really struggle and find it very stressful but on the whole in daily life at home and work it's brilliant. How are you managing with your hearing aid? Has meningitis affected both your ears? X

Hello Vickylou - my son is currently fighting amd his hearing is impaired. How long did you wait after recovery and getting your CI surgery?

Hi when you have had meningitis you are usually fast tracked. I had my implant surgery around 1 month after coming out of hospital and then it was switched on 6 weeks later. Has he been referred to the implant centre. I had mine done at Manchester and the surgeon and all other staff where brilliant. I hope your son is ok. X

Thank you- we are currently fighting complications and I pray very hard that this surgery remains an option for him- going on 6 weeks. Thank you for the inspiration.

Hi Vickylou36

I can see your original post was 4 years ago so not sure if you are still using this? I became profoundly deaf last year after severe sepsis. Cochlear implant surgery last September. I’m really struggling with the implant as I find it very hard to hear most of the time! I wonder if I am expecting too much? I’m hoping to return to work later this year but currently I struggle to use the phone (even for simple things like calling for a doctors appointment!). I can’t hear music and need to use subtitles for television. Even at home I struggle to hear my family. I can manage one to one conversations in quiet environments but if there is any background noise I really struggle. I have severe tinnitus which is worse when I get anxious it becomes a vicious circle! I would be grateful to hear your experience of the CI as at the moment I think I will really struggle to fulfil my role at work with this level of hearing.