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What are your 2022 healthy eating goals?

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Lots of changes to consider... Just want to find the right combination of meds for my epilepsy!

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wiserlady in reply to lgd333

is the ketogenic diet good for that?

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lgd333 in reply to wiserlady

Regret I can't eat a high fat diet due to many allergies.

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Cooper27Administrator in reply to lgd333

That must be tough, I hope you'll find something soon :)

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lgd333 in reply to Cooper27

Starting a new epilepsy meds soon. Hope it works.

I need to drink more water

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Cooper27Administrator in reply to HKAnne

Me too actually! I should've put it as an option 🤔

I'm still trying to put weight on.

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san_ray70 in reply to Becksagogo

Not had that problem since I was 16, you need to eat sensibly, I know from a friend in the same position. I call her to encourage her to eat.

My health goal is to reintroduce more food and see how it goes.

Eat more fermented veggies . I started with the cabbage this year

I dont think i can eat much healthier without my diet being devoid of any pleasure at all and eating like a gorilla. My usual goals are to walk more often, which follows the usual pattern of decreasing in summer when there is more to do in garden. The blood pressure is beyond my control seemingly.

Drink more water and eat more veg

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Rosepetal60Gluten Free

I need to make a list of all the high iron rich foods, so that I can avoid them where possible along with the foods that make it easier for iron to get in my system. Aim is to bring my ferritin level down to 150 /200

I'm following the eating diet given to me from the hospital when I had my heart attack

Do more exercise, eat less, especially rubbish food and go out more.

Drink more water and eat less junk food.

Basically, eat fewer processed foods, lose some weight and take more exercise so I can have my hip replaced and improve my mobility. Always assuming the NHS don't lower the bar again. e.g. BMI had to be below 40 but by the time I was below that they'd dropped it to below 35 which for me with my physical limitations is proving to be an almost impossible task. But I'm not giving up trying to get there.

Same as every year 😊…… lose weight, do more exercise and drink less

I must try to drink more water. It’s so easy to forget about it.

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Rosepetal60Gluten Free in reply to Sewneat

Yes, so easy to forget. I have to remind myself and try and get 1 pint drunk before 1pm. Sometimes use a slate in the kitchen to tick the 1/2 pints off.

eat chicken & veg as usual

My goal is to walk more often to work and loose weight, I’ve got a physical job with special needs children but weight still hangs around

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Losing weight is more to do with your diet, if you have a physical job but aren't shedding weight you need to work out what food is getting in your way. Cut out calories from your diet.

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Rosepetal60Gluten Free in reply to Dollydaydream65

I found by avoiding food after 8pm at the latest, can help a lot.

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Cooper27Administrator in reply to Dollydaydream65

Oh that can be infuriating. It might be worth a word with your doctor, if you don't think your diet reflects your weight, as sometime hormones or thyroid need to be checked.

Focussing on lots of fruits and veggies with your meals, is a good place to start.

I avoid processed sauces, but would like to make my Mediterranean diet (mainly vegetables) more tasty by using my garden herbs and creating a tomato based sauce.

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Cooper27Administrator in reply to Onegramatatime

I find mixing passata with a bit of garlic, herbs and lemon can make a tasty sauce :)

Also find pesto a great option with garden herbs.

Thanks for the passata and pesto suggestions. I had assumed that there would always be additives, but apparently there are some in UK additive free.

My healthy eating goals 2022 are: Eat more veg and fruit (as I already do). Eat less sugar which I already do and support exercise goal.Another great survey to start 2022.

I f you think about it this survey will help people including myself set realistic resolutions, as we can all support each other.

Can't wait for your next poll. Keep them coming as I really enjoy taking part.

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Thank-you Lotus-Blossom. Good luck with your goals for 2022 :)