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Hi all, my TBI was 3 and a half years ago caused by falling down stairs at home. Although I have experienced the odd dizziness since then when it's happened in the past after lying down for a couple of hours I've been fine again. This week has been different. I was dizzy in the night Sunday then Monday morning then after lying down by the afternoon I was ok and I thought that was it, at least for a while. But then Tuesday morning I was dizzy again and again after lying down for a while by the afternoon I was ok again. The same happened again on Wednesday and also today but to a lesser extent. Has anyone experienced anything like this 3 and a half years on from the TBI without it being like this before? Some people have said maybe it's the hot weather, but I just don't know and guess I'm worrying in case there's a problem.

Thanks for reading and any help/ experiences would be greatly appreciated.


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clare i think i have. explain your dizziness further please.

with me, i could be out, thankfully i was always with my wife,then all of a sudden without warning, boooooooom, everything would spin, like you id lay down and go to sleep, several hours later id wake up, the spinning had stopped but i had to make a mad dash for the toilet or id have messed the bed. that was the story of mine.

its to do with the inner ear, but i monitored my attacks and discovered that most of them were on hot days when i hadnt taken on board enough fluids over a period of days, ie i was severely dehydrated.

thats mine looking forward to hearing yours.

steve x

Hi Clare. It could be BPV symptoms and may, or may not, be associated with your BI. I've had vertigo for over 40 years and always found its sudden, unexplained, onset really scary. I had it long before my BI and still now, but I cope better these days knowing that I have meds to control it if necessary (though I manage mostly without them) and that tension/stress are the triggers.

See your GP for advice ; he/she might prescribe Prochlorperazine, or an alternative, to control the dizzy spells (they work quickly). But perhaps it would be wise to get a precise diagnosis from a specialist to determine whether it's Benign Paroxysmal Vertigo, Ménière's Disease, Vestibular Neuritis or Labyrinthitis...……..all common causes of dizziness and all treatable.

It's a horrid symptom, especially as it usually strikes out of the blue. In the meantime you might find that sitting upright, head facing forward with shoulders relaxed and slow, deep breathing is more likely to calm the spinning than lying down.

Good luck in finding relief m'dear. Cat x

Sounds like bppv. Worth doing the brandt daroff exercises 15 mins 5 times a day. You can find them on the Internet.

Good luck!

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