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My aneurysm bled and vause a stroke ii dont have a lot of ability on my left well none to be honest i cant peel a spud or tie my hair back even though that gets me down as before i was a hair stylist with my own salon my dis jad an aneurym 8 mths befor mine but it burst and i lost my best friend she was 35 and left 3 children i was 38 and 6 mths later my older sister had one but caught before any damage c 3 in 18 mths x but my little girl who was 7 at the time got emotiomal a few days ago she only found out a few mths ago that my family and friends was told to day goodbyes as didnt think id make it but they wouldnt let her into critical care to see me she cried and said mommy what if i didnt get to see you again i told her that i wasnt going nowhere bevause o knew i had 3 beautiful kids waiting being so strong x but i was delerius and didnt know they wouldnt let her in so im so so lucky after loosing my little sis and im i single parent but think ibe done a good job my elder daughter is in uni doing bio medical sceince she wants to do neuroligy

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Dear LindyLou,

You have definitely done a Good, no, a Great job! Thank you for sharing your story with us. It is amazing what a parent can overcome for the sake of her/his children. You were right to fight through it all. They needed you. And you needed them. I have not been tested like you have. As such, I am left to wonder if I would be as strong and courageous. My mother raised us after divorcing my father when I was still a baby. When people told her they admired her courage, she would say, "I was not courageous. I was scared all the time." But of course, that is the definition of courage -- being scared and doing it anyway. You have so much joy ahead of you, but that is not to deny what must be not infrequent sadnesses and struggles. This is a wonderful community for being lifted and helping to lift others, as the case may be. Welcome.

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Thankyou for your kind words x i love headway they have me a support worker who helped me so much fomt know what if have done without her unfortanatly they signed me off now as there others who need them i l know if i need them i only need to pick up the phone x x


Sounds like you have been through a lot!

i had a bleed which paralyse my left side over 10 years ago and the same issue can't tie my hair up can't peel vegetables !

It's very annoying but you just have to get on with it don't you

How do you cope with your hair? X


You've got your hands full Lindy, no mistake. I was also a single parent (but before my BI and with full use of my limbs) and it was hard !

You're doing a great job by the look of things, especially in light of your sad loss and other issues. And despite your obvious frustrations and difficulties, you're having to be twice the woman you've ever been. I wish I could pat you on the back & give you a great big hug m'dear.............(sending cyber ones instead). Cat xx


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