Due to barriers of ongoing lack of care / co-ordination that trigger my behaviour / illness similar to 5 years previous . I have recently submitted x2 bundles of complaint/s to my legal team and awaiting their response. Differnt to previous, I now have regular weekly sessions with my cousellor and few others I trust and am now focussing on my recovery plan. My cousellor she says ....we will have to wait and see if this works ....and as many of you may know....I do not get too excited...since this is something I have heard / said many times before....;

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  • Hi Mike. I hope it goes well for you. K

  • Hi mike

    I hope that things go better for you than they have been doing.

    Sometimes it feels like we are climbing a never ending hill doesn't it?

    I am glad that you have some people around you whom you trust.

    Rooting for you here.

    Kindest regards


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