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Waahheey - my computer's working properly & I'm back...


I was on here most days a year or so ago but I had problems with my computer & was using my old slow computer & because that'll do I never got this one fixed. I consequently didn't use the site as much cos it was frustrating doing the essential things in life.

But it is now & boy what a difference ;o)

Anyway hello to everyone new & old. The first thing I will say, cos I notice that a fair few people haven't filled in their profile, can U please do so (assuming U are actually capable of doing so cos I know it can be a struggle for some people) cos if nothing else it can help with memory & rejog previous conversations & the person U were speaking to.

Just a few brief words, or like mine a load of waffle, quite interesting & amusing waffle so I'm told, but there are also some contact numbers & head injury related info on there too.

Anyway next post coming soon ;o)

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Welcome back

Hey Stace. It's a major issue for me if/when my laptop stops working. Only then do I realise what a big chunk of my life is lived in the virtual world !

I too have a 'dinosaur', which is actually reliable, but when something develops a fault I can't rest 'til I get to the bottom of it, and when the laptop's working ok it's a delight to use. ;-)

Hope you're doing ok & you've got the wall to wall sunshine we've got here in Manchester ! x

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