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Lost Messages Fatigue and bad health

Thank you to all who responded to my messages yesterday I have E- mailed Healthunlocked in the hope of getting this problem of lost messages fixed. as I am not very IT literate I do not know how to copy and paste as i go on. Regarding my first message about Fatigue and Bad Health I have read all replies and will read them again to help take it in once again Thank You we have to keep batting on.

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Glad you're getting help from HealthUnlocked John.

Here's how to copy and paste just for future reference :-

1. Hold down your left click and drag curser across whole of text from first to last word. All selected text will turn blue (highlighting).

2. On the highlighted text, right click and select 'copy' from pop-up menu.

3. You have now saved your text. When attempting to 'submit reply', if your post disappears, go back to reply box, right click and select 'paste' from pop-up menu.

The saved text will appear in the box just as you typed it. The text will continue to be saved until you use your right click elsewhere.

I've reported the lost posts to H.Unlocked several times with assurances the issue would be resolved but it still persists, but by practising this simple trick, you can be sure never to lose another post !

Regards, Cat x


An alternative for those who are less comfortable with the mouse is you can just use the keyboard.

[text] indicates a key to be pressed, so [A] is pressing the A key

1. [ctrl] and [A] at the same time, will select all the text just in the submission box, (similar to Cat's dragging with the mouse)

2. [ctrl] and [C] at the same time, will copy the text

3. [ctrl] and [V] at the same time, will put the text back for you

If you are using a mac then [ctrl] should be replaced with the [cmd] or apple key



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