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After I got out of a wheelchair, then threw away crutches, I was a bit wobbly on my feet. When this continued and I felt dizzy all the time when sitting down, I went to see a balance/ear specialist - it's all to do with your ear, balance, and one of mine fell off when I got my BI and had to be sewn back on again (it's ok: I'm a man so I don't use my ears to listen).

The balance specialist made me do a load of simple exercises: Standing up, turning round and sitting down again; standing on one leg; throwing a ball from hand to hand, clockwise and anti-clockwise neck rolls. Easy stuff to practice at home each day for fifteen minutes. Then I had a dance teacher my wife and I were taught how to quick step, jive and all that by pre BI. I went to see him when I could walk again and he made me run up and down a slope for an hour at a time turning round in different directions - like I was doing the waltz, only by myself. It was hell, but....

Maybe it's these things, or maybe it's passing time, but seven years later I'm not dizzy any more and I fumble and drop things less than before. Not completely co-ordinated, but better.

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Wow that is an amazing regime. Well done Guy with pushing yourself so hard and it sounds as if the proof is in the pudding.

It sounds as if you were one of the lucky ones that received good follow up care, but it is still you that can claim the credit for all the hard work you put in.

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