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This is fun !!

I got out of bed last week and almost fell into the bedroom wall because I was so dizzy ! lol

It felt like I'd had about 8 pints of strong lager ! Which is wierd because I don't drink !

Even last night when I put my head on the pillow I had "the whirling pits".

After a brief chat with our GP last week, he said you've definitley got an inner ear infection called Labrynthitis.

Got some tabs and it could take a few weeks to clear up.

Just summat else to deal with.

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I empathise... I had that and it was not fun...even with the meds it took about six weeks or so to settle down to the point I stopped feeling like I was on the deck of a boat in a storm. Keeping your head still and focussing on one point can help... Hope it settles fast for you


I deal with this on and off just been through a similar experience, I get it when my sinuses get blocked up, and this happens from time to time, my GP has only suggested I inhale, you know the towel over the head and boiling water in a bowl, you can get either Vick or a eucalyptus and menthol liquid from the chemist, a couple of days generally does the trick, but that dizziness is awful , hope it clears up soon xxxx


Not had this one before.

I have some major mobility issue on my feet anyway, I have to.be extra careful going up and downstairs.

We've been struggling to get our local council to put a downstairs toilet in.for the last 4 years under the DFG.considering they don't have to pay for it, the local council have been acutely unhelpful.

Somehow I've got to get to the Xray dept because my THR is getting very sore.

Hit the pain wall today, spine, neck head and shoulders. Got massive noise in my head.

Worried about my partner. 2 days in bed now with migraine and feeling ill.

Feel a but isolated, but very glad I've got you guys to talk to.

All fun and games!! Lol

Holding it all together.


I hate this, you have my sympathy! It is so disorientating. I had it for about a week really bad, few weeks feelin tipsy and then had it again the following year.

I have stemitil to help get rid of the sickness but you just need to go to bed and wait fo it to go!

Not fun not knowing which way is up :(

Get well soon


I had this when I either turned two quickly or got into bed. The horizon and room started swaying like I was on a ship.

Labrynthitis this is quite common after any form of head impact or sudden jolt. Apparently the impact unseats some of the inner working of the year. I had the Epley manoeuvre applied to me and it has cured it completely.

Well work having a look at it as it a very simple procedure to have done to you


I had the Eply manoeuvre too, cured my worst vertigo, may get my husband to try it, think my dizziness is caused by inflammation though this time cos my sinuses are all blocked, fun and games!!


I also had the Eply manoeuvre done too when I was at my first ENT appointment. One of the best & simplest procedures I've had done to me since my TBI. I can now move my head, sit up, lay down & walk without the most horrendous dizzyness & sickness feeling. I would defiantly recommend having this done. Wishing you well. xx


Thank you kirk and Dora, I will certainly ask my GP about that treatment if this doesn't clear up. After 3 weeks it's getting a bit boring. I'll keep going with the tabs a while longer.


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