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Post Concussion Syndrome


I have recently been diagnosed with PCS after having a bad horse riding accident 6months ago.

I feel really confused over this and worried about the potential effects on my working life, basically I work as a nurse, up until now I haven't had any time off work due to my PCS until now and I'm so worried as I feel like I'm going to be dismissed from work because of my sickness record. I have never had the best sickness record as I have suffered with migraines since I was 4yrs old. Up until now I have had 2days of sickness in 16months, one day due to a migraine and the other because I had norovirus and my hospital infection control policy wouldn't allow me to work as it can be contagious.

I rang my boss today to get them to refer me to occupational health re my PCS and was advised that I had a sickness absence meeting arranged for next week. I knew nothing about this as they have been sending letters to my old address.

Anyway I'm so worried about the potential effect this PCS could have on my sickness and the repercussions for my job.

I rang my fiancé today after speaking to my boss in floods of tears because I feel so helpless and worried :-(

Has anyone any advice or experience of PCS or ways of dealing with your employer. Any advice would be much appreciated.


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I have PCS. 100% understand. Stress is one of the things that elevates the symptoms and it does ease over time. But, you need to listen to your brain and wellness. My advice would be to ask your Dr to provide proof of the medical reason why you need your rest days at home when needed. Take along any Dr medical certificates to the meeting. Take a support person to the meeting if possible. Don't let the employer bully you. If there is a active union, ask for some advice/ask another person to do this for you if it is too much. This is not your fault. Life is not perfect and you will get stronger. Everything you are going through is due to PCS and the brain trauma, perhaps neck with a fall, as this is closely related to the brain. The brain is moved about inside the skull and it does not like it when that happens. It takes time to heal. Look after you and the rest will follow. Gina.

Kate - I work as PA to the Directors of a small charity providing specialist therapy and I provide administrative support for HR - 2 days sick leave in 16 months is an excellent record. All our therapists have had more than that just on the usually colds, flu and tummy bugs and migraines. So I can;t see there is any reason to have a meeting other than to discuss how your employer exercises duty of care in regard to your medical condition - i.e. amending duties, reducing hours etc to ensure your health and safety. Get your union rep involved - important to get good employment law advice and support - union reps have expertise in negotiating and protecting workers from bullying and oppressive employers. I would not go into that alone. I also have PCS and do understand your worries about employment - as a PA planning and organising is vital part of my role and my PCS has seriously damaged my capacity to organise my own life let alone organising with 2 directors and therapy team! One of my Directors is a therapist who treats people with brain injury so she completely understands PCS but my line manager doesn't really "get" the effect of the head injury at all. I have had quite a lot of sick leave as I had other injuries as well as head injury. It has not been easy so I empathise with you.


Is there a disability action/support group in your area? They also may know what rights you have before you arrive at the meeting.

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