Testing for Hypopituitarism?

I'm seeing an endocrinologist next week to explore the issue of whether I may have hypopituitarism following my brain injury. The injury occured when I was 14 and I may well have been living with pituitary defecits/dsyfunction ever since, but certainly following a severe injury such as mine (GCS = 7) it's normal for pituitary hormones to be out of balance at least during the acute phase, however it's quite common for people who've had severe injury to have at least one pituitary defecit over an indefinate period following injury, even more common than developing epilepsy. Pituitary hormones are vital for our health and wellbeing and I was quite shocked that neuro docs don't routinely check for hypopituitarism after brain injury, but it's only recently that this area has gained attention.

I've had sexual problems, such as erectile dsyfunction, low libido, I didn't start masturbating until I was in my twenties! No interest in girls at 17-18. Also, I've suffered from extreme insomnia when I was 18, I felt as though my growth stopped when it was continuing for others. I also had suicidal thoughts between 15-17 before I was diagnosed with depression. My body temperature is low at 36C (normal 37.8) and i'm very lethargic, not getting going during the day and feeling most alive at nighttime.

My total and LDL cholesterol are raised which can indicate problems with synthesising certain hormones.

I'd be interested to know if anyone else has been tested for hypopituitarism and their circumstances leading to being tested?

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Hi Anthony I'm sorry I've only just seen this, and sorry that you didn't get any replies at the time (I hope you got some input from somebody somewhere). I would love to know if the endo who saw you gave you any tests, and what they were, and if they led to effective treatment. You can get me through my headinjuryhypo website (just google) and if you still want to speak to other people with endocrine problems after head injury I'm sure I could put you in touch with about 4, if they agree. Joanna


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