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Results from Head injury 50 years late


Follow up to my previous question

I have just got back from Gp he has had all my medical records for review

He confirmed the coma and inpatient care told me that I had a very nasty accident.

He also confirmed I never attended any follow up appointment s, so never received any follow up treatment (because my mother would not take me!!!) I will be getting help now at long last

I am feeling really bitter

Is this normal

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anything is normal when it relates to our head injuries

the thing is in one sense if this helps 50 years ago treatment for head injuries was pretty non existent or very limited, and i guess that had your mother taken you, there would be very little actual realistic help available and most of that would have been dealt with at psychiatric hospitals, and the stigma of that back then was probably a very bad thing, so she probably saved you from a lot more emotional trauma.

so it may have been a positive thing

also she probably didnt fully understand what you were going through after the initial recovery, information is so freely available now that we take it for granted, I cant even imagine how little information was available back the to regular GPs

hope that helps a bi


Thanks for putting it into perspective much appreciated


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