2 jaw cysts removed

Last week my 12 year old had 2 cysts removed & 2 teeth pulled. The one on the left had grown up into his cheek & sinuses & cracked a bone. He is doing AWESOME! In the hospital he only had meds while in recovery! I did keep him on the tyl w/codine the 1st 24 hrs but hasnt needed anything else! He was swollen & tender but that was about it. Next week he has the drains removed & now we are hoping the 2 teeth come down as they are very high. Now we wait...

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  • Thank you for your post. It sounds as though your son is recovery well from his surgery. My best wishes to him and the family.

  • Thank you! He is doing great! We go back to the Mayo clinic to see his oral surgeon this week & hope to get a good report.

    I also want to thank you for this blog. As you see I've just recently discovered it & it has been a WONDERFUL source for me. Living in Northern Minnesota, I defenitly felt 'alone'. Its nice to hear from others & how their kids are doing :)

  • Pleased you find this area useful.

  • Did you know there is an support group and forum in the USA? The BCCNS Life Support Network can be contacted by email for details - address info@bccns.org

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