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Gorlin Syndrome Group

Just to say Hello

Hi, I have just joined. I have had Gorlings for over 30yrs first starting off with jaw cysts and then 4yrs later was told I had skin cancer. I have had a lot of treatment on my skin but have regular checkups. Because of all the treatment I have just started taking a drug to stop the BCCs appearing. It has side effects but its a matter of weighing up the options. Wish me luck

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I have been afflicted with Gorlins and Rodent ulcers for 65years, My photo shows off my prosthetic nose with losing half with a cancer. I don't worry Just keep visiting my medical for check-ups. Just be happy, keep dipping your bread and have faith in God.


I agree, just go with what you have and be thankful its not a lot worse. Best wishes and take care.


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