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Felt really ill yesterday.. could it have been this oyster sauce?

Yesterday I felt really unwell (gluten symptoms). The only thing I ate that came from a packet was Blue Dragon Oyster & Spring Onion sauce & my reaction came around 3 hours after eating this. There is no wheat or gluten listed in the ingredients and the allergy advice mentions only molluscs.

Given that pretty much everything Blue Dragon makes apart from this has gluten in it, I wonder if there is a cross contamination risk? Or do you think that there are other ingredients in here that could cause a problem?

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I am REALLY sensitive, yet the BD Oyster Sauce doesn't have a reaction.

I did react frequently to the Beansprouts I was eating with the stir-fry until I read the label. Sainsbury Beansprouts have a 'not suitable due to methods of manufacture warning' on the label. Not sure about other brands. Worth a check?


Contains Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein which is often a processed form of wheat.

Personally I wouldn't touch Blue Dragon sauces as they are all very wheaty.

Their ordinary bottled sauce: lists wheat and barley

Both also have caramel which although not containing gluten is a processed form of milk and if you are milk sensitive (as it seems many coeliacs are) this could also be a risk factor.


On Blue Dragon site this sauce is one of very few with gluten free below it. It is also included in electronic food and drink directory so reckon it is ok.


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