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Reaction to gluten: a surprising diary!

Hey all,

I got glutened at work last week. The children had made potato latke, and another teacher had supplied the ingredients this time, although he was aware that I have a coeliac child in my class he forgot and they were made with self-raising flour.

I realised after I'd eaten 3 of them and my TA was discussing the ingredients they'd used. I rushed straight to the loo and put my fingers down my throat but just couldn't make myself sick.

I waited for a vomit response all afternoon - none came. That afternoon passed with lots of indigestion but no other sign of glutening. I felt ok through the rest of the evening and night. The following morning I still felt fine, and that continued for the rest of the day.

On the second day, (48 hours later) I started to fell gut pains. Then had really bad cramps and diarrhea that afternoon.

I thought this was interesting because when I've been glutened in the past, from an unknown source, I would track back a maximum of 24 hours. Just goes to show it can hang around a while until you get a reaction in some cases.

Most times I get glutened I react within the first half hour. I've no idea why it was different this time. Thought I'd share this because the time frame was different.

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Yes some things take a bit of time, I suppose it depends on the length of time it takes to reach the intestine, normally up to 36 hours. How long ago where you diagnosed?


About 11 years now. Never reacted like this before - I normally throw up within 2 hours.


Good point Sassyl - that's why it can be tricky to know if something is a bug or food related as the reaction times can vary so much. Hope you've reminded your colleague not to make that mistake again ; ) Is the Coeliac child ok?


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