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Get involved to save the NHS!

Get involved to save the NHS!

A new body has been created to campaign and fight for the NHS as it seems that all the sweeping changes are not being promoted in media. Or rather they are being hi-jacked by more of Boris' funny jokes and hair.

If you're keen to save the NHS then you can join this new organisation for free to be kept informed of their work. Or there are a variety of small monthly payments you can make:

Get involved today.



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Hi Fiona - perhaps everyone could also take a moment and click on the link for 38 Degrees who are asking whether they should also be concentrating on protecting and fighting for the NHS. It just takes a click - for this one ..

This particular link also asks for other concerns they could take an interest in in the future - perhaps more healthcare knowledge on coeliac disease might be worth a mention!


HI Fiona, I saw this on the facebook page last night and I'm already reposting and tweeting. I read through the whole site and it all makes a lot of sense how they are approaching it all. But then you would expect it to really when they are trying to do something good. :)