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New information about 'Goblet Cells' that may give information to scientists about possible treatment for coeliacs

I came across this article and thought that some of you may find it promising. It is always good to read something positive concerning coeliac disease. This is the printable version ..

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Hi Lynxcat, I dream of a cure so thanks for this. And here's another link that can be read without printing off:

And thanks again for sharing this as it shows they are seriously looking at cures for us lot.


I think it is quite uplifting each time we find something in the big wide world that looks as though someone is trying to make life better for us all. I was recently reading a small ebook that I downloaded which brought a smile to my lips .. it was a US book and half-way through, or thereabouts it referred to celiac which it then went on to say is spelt coeliac everywhere else but in the US!

This reminds me of why I find much of the US comedy so very flimsy as they always have to explain everything and then underline it!


I live in hope and I don't want to spoil anyones dreams and am not intending to be malicious or abusive but....

A lot of these articles seem to be by a man named Jefferson Adams, described as a freelance writer who publishes poems, essays and photographs and lives in San Francisco. I wonder how he finds the time to do all of this medical research as well.

Here's some I made earlier myself to cheer us up whilst wating for a real cure- "Scientists are working on a new material for artificial gut linings for coeliacs - installed simply by swallowing it."

" Nanotechnologists are working on nano-robots that find gluten in the gut and convert it into harmless alcohol",

"Jack Daniels is believed to contain special enzymes, produced by a freak of nature, that prevent antibodies from attacking gluten"

I need to see things in the British Medical Journal, on BBC TV news, or on Coliac UK to take them really seriously (except on April 1st)


Hi Phil, you are a cynic LOL. So here's an article which shows where the research originated:


Thanks for posting this info Lynxcat and Jerry. Still a long way to go!.


I think the main thing that we all need to do is remain optimistic and positive .. here is a week when finally there is an announcement that 'Star Trek' devices have finally been invented in the form of painless injections without needles! There have always been those that have maintained that this was impossible - but here it is ..

Who knows what will follow .... it almost appears that something has to be written about in a Sci Fi format before someone bothers to invent it. Perhaps we need someone to write about curing Coeliacs .... what do you think?


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