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Spring Covid booster

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I have had my first, second and booster jabs the same time as my wife. Today I received text saying it is time for my spring booster. Wife rang to make a joint appointment, both over 70, to be told that I am immune compromised so I am only entitled to spring booster. I have never been treated any differently before for jabs. Anyone else been offered spring booster because they are coeliac?

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The routine spring boosters are for over 75s - so someone thinks you are special! I haven't heard of boosters for coeliac though - I'd grab it if offered.

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Bazmack48 in reply to Whydothis

Thank you for the reply. Not yet over 75, wife was told that because I have CD I am classed as extremely vulnerable, strange this is the first time I have been treated this way. Being jabbed in the morning.

Hi I have CD too and am on the immune compromised list, when talking to my gp they couldn't see any reason why that should be but I had letters from the gov telling me to get booked and jabbed etc. I'm 36 and as far as I'm aware CD is the only thing I have wrong with me otherwise pretty much never get ill, rarely ever catch any of the colds or bugs that go round so the only thing I could put it down to was that I have CD I guess that must be the case, that said I've not been told to book for a spring booster yet

I am 77 and coeliac, husband 76 (not coeliac) we were both called for Spring boosters and had them a week ago. I was told that there would probably be an Autumn booster for immune compromised people such as me, but think it will also be offered due to age! I was diagnosed at 46 and my then GP usually offered me the annual flu jab as I had CD. I am glad to say that I had my worst reaction (aches and shivers, no temperature) to this latest vaccination, which tells me my immune system is kicking in and doing its job!

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Bazmack48 in reply to Adnil

Thank you for your reply. I had Moderna jab this morning. It is the first time I had to fill out a questionable. You have been Coeliac for a long time, I was only diagnosed four years ago at age 70. Enjoy your day.

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