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Coeliac in trouble

Hi! I was diagnosed a year ago. Considering I had little support from NHS (I was ment to go for a dietitian appointment that never got through), I’ve done very well so far. My problem is the weight: I’ve put on 15 kg approximately since diagnosis. This doesn’t let me down as I know is positive- ish, but I wish I could fit again in some outfits and not to struggle to find clothes at shops. I’m on the amber side of BMI, with a suspicious pain where the gallbladder lives, so all together made me realize I need to look after what I eat. I’m quite active: my job makes me be on my toes al day, I practice yoga once or twice a week. I normally swim, but I’ve not been too good on that recently.

Does anyone suffer from this as well? A shout out for everyone who is dealing with a non gluten life: it’s not easy but it’s duable.

Peace and love ✌🏼☮️

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Hi SaPh

Putting on weight seems to a common problem for many coeliacs, particularly if you were underweight before going gluten free.

Eating ready made gf foods can cause weight gain because so many of them are highly processed foods with high sugar levels, unfortunately not healthy at all even if they are gluten free.

If you are wanting to lose weight, you need to stick to minimally processed foods. Concentrate on veg, fruit, good quality proteins. Cooking from scratch whenever possible.

You could also look at Low Carb diets, as they can fit in well with gluten free eating.




As Penel says, putting on weight following a Coeliac Diagnosis is relatively common.

Rule one: stay away ‘from free’ from sweets, biscuits and cakes! They are lethal, much worse than the ordinary gluten versions. However if you’re anything like me, you needed to explore them to find out what they were like…!

Rule two: accept that the quantity of food you were eating before diagnosis is now probably a little too much - because you are now able to absorb the nutrients from what you eat much better.

If it’s any consolation in the five years following my diagnosis, I gained 13 kg. Thankfully in the last 12 months, I have also lost it again too. So don’t despair, there is hope! If you are looking to lose weight quite quickly, I would investigate low carb diets such as Keto and the PK diet. However these do require intelligent commitment on your part, otherwise you could be at risk of missing out on some vital nutrients or the diet not working.

Good luck!


Thaanks a lot. Your post was very inspiring.

I rarely eat “free from” products apart of bread. I even own a breadmaker so I make my own bread, and I also bake my own goodies. I think my issue is going to be I’ve been eating the same portions of food and I don’t need it now, as my body is wise enough to absorb everything. I’m back to practice sports this week, I’ll have a look at the low carb diet.

Again, thanks. I feel much better now.


Hi there,

I’m the same it’s definitely a coeliac issue. I think the lack of nutrients being absorbed prior to a gf diet is the culprit. I also find I’m lacking in energy too so that doesn’t help. I may join a slimming club as one put on just under 3 stone since diagnosis and as someone who struggled to put on weight before this has been quite a shock.

Good luck x


Hi Tomo22,

This is just something to consider - Do you know about Sarah Myhill’s Chronic fatigue protocols? (She is an ex-NHS GP who has has written several books, has a website and is also on YouTube).

Fatigue is something I just couldn’t get rid of following my Coeliac diagnosis, despite working hard to correct the main vitamin and mineral deficiencies caused by having Coeliac Disease. The protocols include cutting out sugar and going low carb to improve energy levels - so they are not a quick fix (and are a definite commitment).

However, they have improved my energy levels considerably/markedly over the last couple of months - and I am still only in the early stages of using them.

And one of the more pleasing side-effects is significant weight loss!

It’s just a thought....!

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Thank you for the tip, no not heard of her but this sounds interesting. Il do some research. The weight is a biggy, but it’s the fatigue I’m struggling with. I’ve cut out a great deal of sugar but struggling to stop it completely so this sounds like something I need to really look into.

Thanks again 😀


Are you female ? Hormones have a great affect on weight gain once menopause starts , I started to get fat on no extra food! blood sugar drops and so you feel much weaker , also energy levels as well when oestrogen depletes, sometimes all these things start at the same time ☹️ I had diseased gall bladder and a bad gluten reaction started just after menopause, but I’ve got slimmer! I take oestrogen, one bonus from that is no sugar cravings , eat real meat with plenty of veg except odd packet of ham , fruit and bio yoghurt, I am now told I look even younger as well 😊 you will get there ! Good luck


I’m female but far away from menopause yet!


hi am 54 and been gf since the age of 2 it's a way of life for me i've seen a lot of change over the years and the gf ready meals are a no no i find the simple foods that you prepare yourself stick to your fruit and veg simple protein as in fish chicken turkey occasional red meat i find that apples are a great help bitter for diarrhea sweet for constipation our 2/ oranges a day if am really constipated keep it simple i have also had a full blood screening done privately and used this to check my vitamins minerals as for the NHS in my opinion it was a conception to keep us alive not well and i take what my gp and consultants tell me and then research it there's no silver bullet to health i stopped relying on my gp since i was a teenager at one stage they had me on 175 tablets a week and then had the cheek to ask me why i was on so much medication i asked my gp did she want to swap seats she, asked why i said surely i should be asking that question not you reply i got was we'd need to get you off a lot of this medication i replied i've already done it i've been to a lot of dieticians over the years and found more knowledge from like minded people than any dietician unless they are gf i found i am in the lower vitamin b12 levels and since adding b12 i've noticed a major change in my weight energy and mood you are what you eat it's as simple as that also as commented on the fact you are now absorbing your nutrients better this has probably added to your weight gain gf is actually a healthier way of life provided you stay clear of the gf ready made food also in my opinion if you get your diet right you'll have a far clearer and sharper mind it's not all bad hang in there it'll be trial and error good luck and all the best on your journey


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