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Refractory DH

Hi, is it at all possible that those of us with DH are more sensitive (or sensitive in a different way) to gluten than those with full blown Coeliac disease? I only ask because I have DH but none of the other symptoms associated with Coeliac disease. Before I went GF I could eat bread etc until the cows came home! But, the rash was (& sometimes still is) a bloomin nightmare. I've been GF for 18 months now & would have thought that the DH should not now appear - but it still niggles from time to time. I'm thinking some gluten is sneaking in somewhere.... Anyone else here have similiar problems?

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It might not be gluten causing it. I get it from dairy. Many people suffer dairy or lactose intolerance as well as gluten.


My itchy rash lasted for several years off gluten and I believe it had to do with leaky gut and definitely yeast overgrowth. I used cream for jock itch on one area and some other antifungal cream on my ears and scalp and I have now been a year rash free. The scratching with my D H damaged my scum to the point of secondary infections. That did not heal. It seemed like pure DH because blisters and extreme itch but there was something else to it I. It’s joy to think I had a rash for 45 years that drove me nuts and now it’s gone! One area was only for 15 years and it’s gone too! Sometimes I feel a little something in my ears if I’m eating out a lot but I can’t believe I lived so long like that! Do you scratch your rash? Are you sure there is no fungal smell to it?


I have had D H for 10 years but since I have been G F only break out very occasionally which I put down to being glutoned.mainly when eating out.

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Apparently IBS has most of the same sort of symptoms as glut intolerance or celiac and dairy intolerance so although I was clear for celiac the doc said I may have IBS so a lot of foods that have the same effect for celiac or glut intolerance would irritate in the same way


I find that fatty foods like fish and chips and tomato biased sauces for spag Bolognese upset me the most. ..


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