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Dreading my next meal

This last week has gone so fast for me in some ways but so slow in others. Finally I have a Dr who thinks she can answer all of my health concerns in one easy diagnosis, Celiac, and she's taking steps towards testing. But she's also tasked me with keeping a food diary of what i eat and how I'm feeling each day for at least 3 days, for her to review. I'm two days in and already I can see the patten that alluded me before.

I'm meant to eat as normal but I'm so worried for how bad I'll feel after each meal now.

Still, silver lining: a pattern means closer to dianosis, closer to dianogis means closer to cutting gluten from the diet, hence closer to getting better and being me again (God willing). Any step in the right direction is good right? :)

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Yes keep going with the diary & brilliant that you now have a dr that knows what it may be. She will quickly organise the simple blood test & then arrange for an endoscopy. After that, if they are positive, you can them cut out gluten & start getting your health back. Take one day at a time & remember, one day nearer to getting a diagnosis.


Thanks. I've got blood tests booked for today. But my hubs wants to take me to A&E this afternoon to try and get the endo faster, he doesn't want me waiting another 6-8 wks in this pain. The dr did say if the pains gets too much to go A&E and that they might give me endo faster that way. The sooner I can get answers the sooner I can make changes and get my kids tested.

And yh, last night meal made me feel horrid. So has the two brakfast busicuits I've had for breakfast. Roll on lots of veggies and fruits for me :)


Had my blood tests. Don't know what scares me most: being told I have celiac or being told I don't.


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