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Dr. Tom O'Bryan Visiting the UK - Presentations on Gluten and Autoimmunity

Hi everyone,

Those who enjoyed the Gluten Summit might be interested to learn that Tom O'Bryan, DC, who hosted the Gluten Summit, is visiting the UK this week. His presentations are aimed at healthcare professionals, but I know that many of us who struggle to keep well with coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity spend a lot of time reading around gluten/autoimmunity and prefer to learn at that level anyway!

CNELM told me that the recording of this seminar will be able after the event.

Looks like there is a huge amount of valuable info in there!

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Thank you for that info. I have all of the Gluten Summit but finding it difficult to keep up with everything that is now being released since. I really hope that he is able to educate as many people as possible to take the emphasise off of us having to do it.


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