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Suitable for people with gluten,wheat,dairy,alcohol,rice,caffeine intolerances, Celiacs&Crohns Disease.Endometriosis Diet,Fibro&IBS

Suitable for people with gluten,wheat,dairy,alcohol,rice,caffeine intolerances, Celiacs&Crohns Disease.Endometriosis Diet,Fibro&IBS

Hello all, I would like to introduce myself i am Josephine-Eliza from Josephine-eliza.blogspo... I have been mainly spreading the word about my recipes to endometriosis women, but the diet stretches to cover a range of diseases, intolerances and allergies, I would love to help everyone that i can through food.

food is the way to a persons heart after all, right?

The Endometriosis Diet - Suitable for people who have gluten, wheat, dairy, alcohol, rice, caffeine, red meat, intolerances or sensitivities, Celiacs Disease, Crohns Disease. Endometriosis, Lactose Intolerance, Soya Intolerance plus Some Recipes Are Also Nut-Free, Vegan & Raw, This diet can also help people with Fibromyalgia & IBS symptoms.

My blog has an aray of recipes that could help you with your diet and could limit the pain you are facing and make it easier for you to live a normal life. The food i create is fun, exciting and limitless it seems and there are many more.

If you have any questions please do not hesitiate to ask.

If you want a recipe made that is suitable for you please let me know and i will try my best to create and dedicate it to you.

Here are a few recipes you may be interested in:

Here is a collection of the recipes i have created that are: gluten free, wheat free, soya free, refined sugar free, rice free:

Welsh Cakes

Fully Loaded Healthy Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza

Chocolate Caramel Quinoa Pop

18 Different ways to make a Gluten Free Oat Cookie

Pesto Mayo Dip / Sauce

Vegan Lentil Tamales -

Sunday Roast Additions: Roast Carrot & Parsnips

Sunday Roast Additions: Carrot & Parsnip Mash

Tuna & Lentil Tamales

Prawn & Crab Pie

Unrefined Homemade Strawberry & Raspberry Jam

Strawberry & Raspberry Ice-Cream Sundae

Creamy Nut-Free Poppy Seed, Flax & Sesame Butter

Raw Nut-Free Chocolate Cheesecake

Cornmeal Bread Pudding

Elephant Coconut Crumbles Biscuits

Sweet Potato Crab Rolls

Turkey Horseradish Sausages

Turkey & Mushroom Pesto Mayo Salad

Amazing Raw Chocolate Cheesecake

Hard Vegan Cheese! Can Be Grated!!

Snowball Truffles

Pasta with peas and halibut

Crusty Mixed Herb bread

Irish Garlic Sour Dough Balls

Sorghum Flour Roti

Apricot & Chocolate Mousse

Nut-Free Caramel

How to make Flax Seed Butter

No Crumble pie Pastry

Welsh Rarebit Pie

Simple Vegetable Pie

Presto Pesto Sauce

Lemon & Poppy Seed Cake Pies

Original & Double Chocolate Mud Pies

Super Quick Dinner - Pesto Pasta

If you are wondering why this disappeared last time, glutenfreeguerrillas told me it was because there were too many links so if you would like to see any of these post just look down the right hand column and you will find them there, or just use the search box at the top of the top on the right.

Enjoy! and I wish you a pain free start to the weekend.

Let me know if you want to know anything

x x x

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wow marshmellow1 thank you so much for sharing all these alternative recipes. I can never have enough inspiration :)

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Excellent ! As Hippocrates said - Let food be thy medicine - and medicine be thy food :-)