Gender Identity

I feel trapped

I came out to my gf not long after we started talking and she says she accepts me but the only time she will talk about it is to tell me to man up. I know I'm not very manly and that is part of my dysporia. But it hurts when she says that. And she only calls me by male pronouns when her kids and family are not around and every time it's like a stab in the heart doesn't help that my very gay mother still calls me by my dead name and sends me cards that say 'daughter' on them. I'm so tired mentally and physically. What do I do?

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Maybe it's best to let her go just be more and more separate from her then just go on your way as not good to be in that sort of enviroment on a day to day basis!


@oscarbravo is right, the only real solution is to move on, do you think she will ever accept you? That’s the guide stick that you need, if you feel she’s not going to, ever, accept you, let her go ... fly on your own for a while and see how you feel.

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Once you find yourself and be yourself and not what others want/expect you to be you become stronger.

As for many the issues are not yours but their own issues and insecurities so they project it onto you so trying to make it your fault/issue when infact it's there's.

It's a bit like the dance floor mentality! you don't want to be the first one on it as think others are watching you etc so stand out where in fact they are thinking the same as you.

So many have drink to cover inhabitions but once on the floor your all the same.

The human mind is an odd beast.