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Rules & Guidelines

As much as we'd love everyone to share their thoughts and opinions, we do have a couple of rules that we'd appreciate everyone sticking to:

1. We reserve the right to remove opinions or information that is contrary to the advice of our Medical Panel.

2. GBSS will comment or correct posts which may mislead the majority of users. We hope you won't take such an action personally but we have a wide obligation to users of our site and to our Medical Panel.

3. Please be respectful of others whilst online, this is a designed to be a safe place to share experiences and opinions. Some users of this site will be vulnerable and distressed due to issues arising from GBS and we ask you to be sure that the tone and content of your posts, respects them.

4. We, in common with other providers of such sites, reserve the right to remove material or to ban certain users although we hope no situation arises which would lead us to this course of action.

5. All information provided by here by the Admin and Volunteer team is checked by GBSS' Medical Panel and backed by valid research. GBSS relies entirely on donations- please give if you can:

6. While we reserve the right to remove content without warning, we do hope we don't have to.

7. If you have any suggestions of how we can improve our forum (i.e. Topics, Questions etc) please email us at

8. If you use content written by GBSS or its representatives, please give credit to us as the author. We also request that you do not edit the content in a way that conflicts with the views of our Medical Panel.

9. HealthUnlocked have their own set of Guidelines, they are mostly similar to the ones listed here, but please read and abide by them all the same:

Also the Terms of Use:

10.Before asking a question, please check that it isn't answered here: We'd like to spend as much time as possible NOT answering the same question multiple times. However, if you're not sure if your question is fully answered on the FAQ page, please ask it.