1 week after trial ended

1 week after trial ended

Hi all,

Can you believe today 1 week after I finished my low dose, prophylactic , radiation to my brain my hair has all started coming out again! I mean by the handfuls again.I thought I had dodged that bullet when I finished the trial and it was still holding on, but I guess it just hadn't had enough time. Every thing else is going ok no other side effects other than feeling run down. Thanks for all your support!!!!!!!!




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13 Replies

  • Hi I know this is so much easier said than done because I've lived through it, but it is just hair and it will grow back. I went to the American Cancer Society and got two beautiful wigs. Also try Paula's Wigs - they are very nice. The one biggie thing I did that worked nicely is I got a "cap" to go under the wig - it stopped the itching.

    Praying all goes well for you!!

  • I had that happen the 3rd week after my 1st chemo treatment. It was very traumatic- had my hair cut short, since I thought I was going to loose it all. Turns out it happened 3 more times always the 3rd week after chemo. Hope that is the worst outcome that you have as a result of being part of the trial.

  • It is a lesson in vanity isn't it? Had mine buzzed 2 weeks after chemo and the trauma of having it long and coming out in clumps has been avoided. It is still coming out but the the strands are very short and less mess. I Just had infusion #2 (Cyramza/Taxotere) and expect to be totally hair free in 3 weeks. Been wearing my wig when deemed that hair is a must. Glad to hear you are feeling well!

  • Yea I lost mine with chemo but I really wasn't expecting it with this low dose radiation .

    Thanks ,


  • Great news I meant for little other side effects....not hair loss. RW what type of lung cancer do you have. My father started Whole Brain Radiation this week. He has a couple tiny tiny mets. He is in remissions on the other areas of his body. I know he is tired.

  • Mine is small cell

  • What trial are you on? Have you gotten WBRT?

  • Prophylactic low dose brain radiation

  • Glad to hear you've had no bad side effects. Bald is in and no time needed to style it. Hoping you rebound quickly.

  • Oh RW, sorry you have to go through that. Please try to rest and concentrate on fighting this thing. You are worth it!

  • Geesh! I guess you are going to have to go with the current trendy bald look for guys, RW. What do you think - should you get a tattoo and ear piercing to complete the look?


  • Hi Anita,

    Lol, yep I think I would make a good looking pirate anyway. Or mr clean. Lol.

    Thanks for being here,


  • The mental picture of you as Me Clean brings a smile. Now picture Mr Clean wearing his super hero cape and you have RW.

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