No matter what happens don't forget to breathe. Were not ready to go yet. i'll be here until my lungs give up.Hopefully its not for a long time. We know we have lung cancer or emphysema which theres no cure for it. SO we are going to fight,fight,;fight. because i will fight to the bitter end. Hopefully I will see you all fighting. what ever you do don't give up. do you guys have anything to add please feel free to do so. I will talk to you all tomorrow. You have a good night loveJo

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  • Well stated!

  • SusieJo-1948 Thanks for the encouragements 😃

  • Thanks JoTaylor!! Well said!! NEVER GIVE UP!!!

  • Jo,

    You are just something else, woman! Hope you know that. Great words from a passionate soul. Please keep talking!

  • Thanks Peggy I messed up by saying my name. you caught that really quick. My dad named me. So you know my first name and my middle name it doesn't bother me to use my first name. I'm already using my middle name. So I think I'm going to go by both. do you know you are a great person. You care your funny and you help us a lot I for one appreciate it. well I better be off doing all that talking. Susie Jo

  • I like your spunk Jo! Fight, fight, fight! Whatever you do, don't sit still!

  • Serrecko I want you to fight for as long as you can.Lets see some of that spunk out of you. I'm pushing some of that too you. I worry about all of you so I say fight even if its a little bit. Susie Jo

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