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FPA Contraception

Implant and pill

Hi people, hope you are all well and had a great Christmas.

I have had the contraceptive implant for just over 2 years now. When i first went on it i was fine for about 3 months, i then started getting spotting and returned to the doctors and requested that it be taken out. They decided it would be best to put me on the pill (femodette) instead of having the implant taken out early. So i have been on the pill and bad the implant for 2 years now. I haven't had too many problems, until September. I started feeling really ill, had a few stomach infections and started getting health anxiety and also depression (uncontrolable crying for hours over nothing?!). I have a great life, a great partner and great friends. I have since found out my B12 levels were really low (121) so have been receiving treatment for this.

I don't know whether the depression and the anxiety i have been feeling is due to the B12 level being low or if its due to being on both the implant and pill together. Has anyone else felt like this when being on these contraceptives?

Many thanks 😊