FPA Contraception

Ovranette... No period

Hi all,

I've been on contraceptive pills since I was 14 for heavy and painful periods (I am now 21) and have been on ovranette for 5 years.

I'm very thorough with taking the pill and have very rarely ever missed one.

I've also been single for 2 years and have not been sexually active in anyway since.

I normally skip a few of my "weeks off" if I have important events/exams etc.

However I always have a withdrawal bleed in my week off.. until now.

I'm freaking out... I had my last pill on Tuesday and usually start bleeding on the Thursday however it is now late sat night and still nothing.

I am 1000% not pregnant.

I do suffer major anxiety and suffer from ibs and emetophobia (fear of being sick/vomittinf) which does decrease my food intake quite drastically although I am overweight (dr has told me I virtually have no metabolism as my body doesn't know when I'm gonna eat again so it stores all the fat) plus I dint exercise as I have bad asthma.

Could my missed period be due to stress/anxiety or could it be my eating?

Not sure if I should go drs as its first time this has happened.

Hope someone can help....