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Improvement and then disaster

Hey everyone!

I hate having a moan because it can bring others down but I need somewhere I can voice what is going on at the moment because I'm struggling.

I have fibromyalgia and joint hypermobility syndrome but have been very lucky the past few months in that I have been able to exercise a few times a week with hardly any symptoms, I feel very fortunate because this time 6 months ago I was struggling to get out of bed unaided and using a stick to walk. It would seem exercise is having a positive effect and a lovely lady named Rachel at the Link Centre has sorted me a condition friendly gym programme. The thing I can't get rid of is brain fog, it's effecting my studies, I lose whole hours and struggle to even speak sometimes. I had a seizure in March, the second in three years and only the second one that I know of. I visited a neurologist a couple of weeks ago who dropped the bombshell that I had a brain hemorrhage at birth and have scarring on my brain as well as missing vascular mass which was found on a previous mri. We had a chat and I told him about the periods of confusion and other things I thought were brain fog. I am now being tested for epilepsy and non epilepsy seizure disorder. The information I have received has been overwhelming. I know this isn't something Foggy's deal with but was wondering if anyone could offer some advice?

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Firstly .. moan away, that's what we're here for.

Sounds great that you're getting answers, but too much swamps our brains, and of course with brain fog can be overwhelming.

Take things one day at a time, await the results and go from there xx


Don't give up. Research, talk to other sufferers. It's ok to moan. Who the he'll wouldn't. You are human, not superhuman. Be gentle with yourself. Hugs and lots of luck.


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