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Hi, has anyone tried to see a Internal medicine doctor?

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Hi, I just switched my primary care provider to Internal medicine instead of family practice because they're supposed to better equipped for chronic conditions and complex cases in adults. Still can't vouch for the experience, but I felt like it was time to leave my family doctor. They just weren't enough.

Has he given you any ideas of what could be? Because I am not sold on the idea of FND.

Well I've had every test imaginable and see a physical therapist, 2 neurologists, endocrinologist, cardiologist, naturopath, psychiatrists mental health counselor, orthopedist, and chiropractor . I had tests for rare things like Lyme disease x3, blood lead levels, Wilson's disease, vitamin deficiencies, genetic mutations. I had 2 brain and spinal cord MRIs.

Basically, I took a year to accept FND. The turning point was after my last Emergency room visit for seizure. I got home and said "FND is real and my symptoms are real". I still get bad tremors and I still can't walk without a cane...but no ER trips, no seizures, etc.

Even having those tests didn't convince me until I read "The Body Keeps the Score".

I saw one a couple of weeks ago (I'm in Vancouver). I was told my problem was that I've seen too many doctors (I've been hospitalized four times) and she said I was "well-followed" by neuropsych, even though I've been seeing that guy for over two years with zero improvement. So basically she just brushed me off. This has happened to me repeatedly since I got conversion disorder in my medical records, even though all kinds of anomalies are showing up in tests (brain CT, cardiac stress test, thyroid and potassium levels). I just can't get taken seriously here any more so I'm going to move cities and start again.