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why dos my partner just fall without warning ,

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hi all,

my partner was told she had f.n.d, after getting up of her chair at lunch time back in 2015 , when she felt something go ping in the base of her back ,since that day she hasn't been able to work, then she was told she had drop symdrone, she has falls her knees just give way , no one seems to be able to give a right answer why this happens ,dos anyone out there heard of this happening to anyone they know ,??

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I used to get that with migraine, but no ping in my back. I didn't get the headaches and still don't get the headaches, but thankfully I don't drop anymore. Has she had her spine CT scanned? It's safest to make sure there isn't anything wrong there too.

Sorry I can't help you much more. I hope she finds her answers soon. Maybe see an FND specialist as they diagnose more accurately. There's a list on the FND Hope website. It's better in the UK but it's not a long list.



Does she have a spinal stenosis?

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