Government Petition to improve availability of NHS Services for FND Sufferes

Government Petition to improve availability of NHS Services for FND Sufferes
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  • Great idea, thank you! I have to travel to London next week from north Wales, to finally meet a specialist (Dr Mark Edwards) after many years of having functional gait disorder with no meaningful treatment from the NHS. But I am worried about accessing treatment after my appointment. It should be available across the UK. Fingers crossed we get enough signatures to make a difference!

  • Yes let's hope so ! It's gone from 64 to 480 signatures over night :)

    Let's all spread the word and get to 10.000 at least !

  • Done.

  • What can I say, BRILLIANT, lets hope they listen and ACT. I for one have signed it, really easy to do.

    Whoever initiated this a BIG THANK YOU.

  • Thanks have signed and posted it to some groups on Facebook as well.

  • Well done everyone !! Over 1000 signature so soon too. Keep sharing eh :) enjoy the weekend

  • :( I can't sign: You must be a British citizen or normally live in the UK to create or sign petitions

  • Signed! Thanks for the link. 😊

  • Done - thank you for getting this done! I've lost my neuro Phiso as they will only give in patient Phiso now at my hospital that I've been going too for a couple of years now. Even the specialist says I need to see a neuro Phiso for my fnd but suggested that as the NHS cannot supply it now, I pay £70 a hour to my neuro Phiso who has left the NHS!!! No way I can do that so continue to suffer long term.

    I've written to my local MP about the petition and above so hopefully may do something, watch this space xx

  • I would love to sign but I am not a British citizen or live in the UK, however I fully support you!

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