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Good news at last!

Well i must say that it has been 2 weeks since my speech has been good and i returned to work today. Its part-time 4 hours a day for now but i am pleased to be back. Yes my face and ears still hurt sometimes but i am persevering. Still have a number of appointments to attend but i am optimistic. I really pray that it is upwards and onwards but will continue to update you.

Good luck to you all and i pray that your health improves.

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Oh I am so happy for you angela b. I pray it does continue for you as well. Please keep us posted, and I would love to hear what you have tried.


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Hi there,

I am so pleased for you.

To be able to work 4 hours a day is marvelous! Of course you will have syptoms to bug you but, hey, you are doing fabulous! Attend all your appointments, and you will get there! It really does sound like you are going onwards and upwards! well done, I wish you all the best-keep going, much lovex

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Angela I am so excited for you, but so jealous. I want my normal voice back so badly. Keep it up!


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