I was diagnosed in march 2014 with fnd.hard to take in so confusing for me only 44.three children that are very worried about me.i suffer pain mostdays. I have numbness stiffness and weakness memory loss confusion dizziness. Waiting to see a new neurologists due to body muscle relapsing sleeping more.i loved walking not able for long distance anymore. Is this normal. Tired exhausted energy. Does anyone else feel like this

regards LIZ

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  • Hi and welcome to this site.

    I can tick yes to all of the above.

    I was diagnosed last year but have had symptoms for 3 years. Waiting to see specialists now soon but had to independently contact consultants as wasn't receiving any treatment.

    There is not a lot known about this disorder in the medical world.

    Dr Jon Stone who is based is Edinburgh is one of the leading researchers. Are you in Ireland? Do you have a neurologist specialised in FND?

    A lot of neurologists are not and that doesn't help.

    There are a couple of websites the FND hope and which was written by Jon Stone if you want to know a bit more but this is a really good site to meet people, ask questions, just have a chat or tell us if you are having a good or bad day.

    We chat a lot on here so please join us. You are not alone and everyone has variations in conditions and treatments so it is interesting to see what works or doesn't work for others 😊

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  • Liz are you from Ireland?????

  • Yes

  • Liz.

    Yes, you describe early stage symptoms that I experienced. It has evolved and become multi symptom battle for me but it varies greatly person to person.

    Unfortunately, have found little help from medicine but I am from USA.

    Please keep writing. This is a great community of support.

    Dan / Seattle

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