Been looking into pharmanac as my son used to have it in ny as a try by his psychiatrist... it helped his OCD and his depression.. just managed to find a U.K. Distributor so we've got 4 packs now!! Been looking at various studies and the except says helps with progressive myoclonic epilepsy.... oh and there reports of it helping Alzheimer's memory issues.... I know a few on here are more medically aware than me so I wondered.... there's loads of web stuff with info on but it seems Stanford in USA has done extensive research into it.... wondered if it might help us with the myoclonic jolts/ seizures and memory issues.... maybe something that might help.... anyone else heard of it???

Sending hugs to a better day 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

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  • Haven't heard of it but am amazed at how much you fit into a day.

    I'm glad you managed to get this medicstion and hope it helps. Did you use it for your older son before?

  • Yes it worked really well then moving country was a struggle to get it imported!!

    There's a lot of studies how it helps with anxiety in autism and bipolar, schizophrenia , there's a long list..... I'm going to get my son on it but as I'm on fluoxetine so need to speak to to gp or prof Edwards as the pharmanac increases the brains ability to get chemicals flowing freely therefore I might need to drop the fluoxetine ... plus the pharmanac is £16.95 a box! And with import taxes etc cost me £81 for 4 boxes!!

    I've even cleaned my back door! Walked the dog done some washing ... now off to get kids! I've slept for the last 3days 10-2.30 then kids xxxx

  • I'm so happy for you. It's always great to hear when someone gets something going there way.

    Also that you got it when you are moving house, and doing a gazillion things.

    It's funny how things work out.

    Just the littlest positive wind can spur you on.

    I'm a positive person even when In the worst circumstances. I can have feeling sorry for myself days but not my best quality.

    I was once trying to leave a job I was being bullied in but the manger backed up the bullier. Being evicted from my apartment because I wouldn't pay dodgy landlord extra rent he had been ripping me off for 2 years. I had been spending hours every night after shifts applying for jobs. After 16 months I got an interview and got the job. I handed in my notice but boss was so 'cut off his nose to spite his face' anyone who was leaving he would tell them to go that day.

    I gave notice even saying I have 2 weeks until I start new job and I know you are short staffed so would stay on if he wanted but he was so mean he told me to leave 2 hours into shift leaving 1 person and a manager who was freaking. I waited as he paid out in cash then got 3 weeks pay 3 weeks holiday and had 2 weeks to work out where to move to.

    Landlord took me! To court as said he was evicting me. Got there said I was leaving anyway as he was overcharging me and was already gone. He was so greedy that he then said I want her bond too. The court told him he had to do a second application if he wanted that. It was $1500 and held by a government department. He took me to court again for this, this is a guy in his 50's who owns over a 1000 properties handed down by his father so he had no mortgages he was just collecting lots and lots of money.

    We went to court and he is very presentable and I was very nervous, never been taken to court. The magistrate saw straight through him. I'd made a big spreadsheet of all my payments. He spent 3 hours ripping this guy apart until I got awarded $4000 back and just in time for xmas. He was doing something illegal with the paperwork to get extra money and had been for 25 years. I was really tempted to put a big ad in the paper saying if you rent from this billionaire he probably owes you money but I'm not that mean.

    But was literally being bullied in a job I hated, and being evicted then got new job and apartment at same time and amazing flat mate who became a best friend and I had a bit of spending money 😊

  • Oh gosh .... I hate crap landlords... why don't they get the crap tenants?? I'm glad you fought it and got the $4,000... like you I'm a glass half full girl and most days just think "at least it's not raining or at least I'm not running from bombs dropping or from terror attacks". It's currently 19' here very warm! Picking up my two boys then the two kids I watch 2 days a week! Played hide and seek with them for an hr yesterday whilst wearing a pair of virtual reality cardboard glasses... so much fun as everything is blurry and plus side I didn't fall

    Over or stub my toe 🤗🤗

  • That sounds like fun. We have had a good week with sun but cloudy today. Have had a very happy outdoor cat 🐱

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