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Rectal cancer

Anybody got rectal cancer! How are they coping

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My husband had it nine years ago. He was stage 3 when diagnosed. He did chemo with radiation then resection of rectum and part of the colon with a temporary iliostomy followed by more chemo and iliostomy reversal. The first year after all that treatment was rough concerning bowel control. His bowel was unpredictable. But year two, post treatment, he saw significant improvement with his bowel control and resumed all normal activity. He still avoids greasy foods as they will cause him to get diarrhea.

Have you joined the online forum called Colon Club yet? Here is a link:


When my husband was first diagnosed I joined Colon Club. It is very active with lots of members. The people there helped me with many issues that came up during and after rectal cancer treatment.

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