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feeling soooo sad

hey ,,I’m just wondering what i have in front of me ,,,,someone tuts been there done it n wtf…..tryed ignoring it ….tried getting fit n strong ….tried telling someone but i have young kids my partner of 25 years left lately purely for her own reasons ,,still good friends ,,,,do i tell her ….dont think i can hadle pity love lol …i have a friend but she is soooo depressing ,,always telling me I’m looking ill n wirse and oh a year ago you were this n that ….wtf ….i ignored this for years n now its quite bad ….wot do you do ..thanks

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You go and speak to you doctor/consultant. Don't ignore it, Prostate Cancer is curable and treatable. Tell your ex, if you are still friends she will understand and will be able to help with telling your children should they need to be told. Your "friend" seems to be pulling you down but perhaps she doesn't understand how serious this is? I'd speak to her if I were you and put her straight but first of all take time to speak to your medical team and see exactly what the situation is.

I would also suggest that you try being proactive and ring the Prostate UK careline and speak to one of their nurses, they are really helpful and caring.

I hope that things aren't as bad as you think they are and that you can get some support from your family and friends.


Hi sorry to hear you are having problems, don't despair there is lots of help out there.

This is something you cannot do alone so don't try .

Its very difficult to talk about, first you have to find out as much as you can about it .

This means lots of tests to see how serious it is .

Believe me its better to know so that you can cope with it

Once you get over the shock and have the knowledge about your symptoms ,let it sink in and you will find it easier to cope with.

Find out as much as you can from your GP and the Oncology doctors and nurses.

Most of all talk about it ,tell people you know,make sure you tell them what you know and have been told.

For you there is help, Please don't just sit on it , its better to know so you can deal with it.

March 2013 went to the GP for check up , said o by the way I'm having trouble peeing , he said can i examine you, yes i said ok he says, bit swollen anyway after tests .

15March diagnosed with Carcinoma of the prostate T2c/T3a Gleason 7 PSA 25.

As time goes by you will learn about these figures .

Yes it was a shock, now its March 2015 and I'm still standing.

If i can get through it so can you.

I will keep an eye open to see how you are getting on.

All the best ,stay in touch Jimbo


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