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Blue Hands in morning?

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Hi this may of been asked a thousand times, and I am sorry in advance but something is going on in my body and when I put in my symptoms to Google dr it always comes up with RA.

So I do not have a diagnosis, but I have been flippantly diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

However this week I have had the following concerning symptoms that are new. I even was taken to a & e but was barely looked at. Also I am phoning gp tomorrow.

So symptoms : Swollen painful left thigh, pain radiating to knee and buttock (I also have sciatica diagnosis but again only by symptoms.)

Pain from left shoulder down to fingers.

Waking up in morning with my knuckles wrist and finger joints on both hands tinted blue, that does not change with heat. And this morning the pain in left hand is excruciating.

I am only 40 yo. My mum has been diagnosed with PMR and RA.

Are these symptoms?


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I’ve had RA for 40 years thank goodness the internet wasn’t available then.

There is a school of thought that you can inherit RA so it might be legitimate to ask for a blood test. More often than not it will give a reliable indication. If it is RA and there isn’t a specialist in the practice then your need to be referred to rheumatology.

Certainly you need to speak to your GP about your symptoms in general.

I did get tested in 2018 for it when investigating and it was normal. But I have learned that it doesn’t always show up.

When I was first diagnosed the blood tests were negative but on seeing a rheumatologist he diagnosed it At that time within 3 months it had taken over my whole body and I was an acute case. Subsequent blood tests have shown it but they are unreliable

That sounds awful. Why do they never seek to prevent. They always wait until it’s 2 far gone.

I studied blood results and although I’m no expert, I could tell when some of mine where at the low end or high end of normal. And also the measurements they use to define ‘normal’ are ridiculous. It’s not based on the individual.

When I got it I was told I would be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life or I would recover. Neither happened. At the moment they are trying to ween me off steroids as I have cataracts. My MTX has been suspended whilst my pulmonary fibrosis is being investigated. That may have been caused by icu trauma / pneumonia/ MTX.

Both my hips are now 27 years old I have various pins and a reverse shoulder. As they say life goes on but I really could do without RA as I have had it for long enough.