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Hi, welcome to Fiery Bones! I was diagnosed with RA ​in September, 2017. So yeah, I am still learning how to deal with this. It's been hell of a ride so far and RA still keeps surprising me every single day! In complete honesty, I have still not accepted the new reality, much to the distress of my doctors. Pre-RA, I was quite an adventure junkie and still look forward to continue doing them - just a matter of time! I am a closed person who would bottle up emotions, so opening up about RA has not been easy. But I realized this unwanted companion is here to stay and through reading stories of other people who are going through a similar or even more challenging roller coaster would help deal with this more fiercely! So a big shout out - to all the RA warriors!

- Pooja Panchamia

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HI, I consider myself an RA warrior, that is someone who fights.

Aged 66 I have had arthritis for over 40 years mostly stable held back by drugs, but 3 years ago it went haywire and pain went through the roof. With nowhere to turn I started fighting it myself, inspired after watching Fat Sick & Nearly dead on youtube. I could not see myself juicing for the rest of my life, but it gave me an idea. I then found the Paddison Program a couple of months later and started that Easter 2016. By October 2016 my wheelchair was consigned to the bin of history as I hobbled to my first Bikram Yoga class (as recommended by Paddison Program.) That class I needed a stool to sit on and needed two people to physically lift me gingerly to the floor for floor poses, and back to vertical. Almost daily visits thereafter have provided a rebuilding of my body so that I can now walk long distances and live a normal life. Yes, my body has significant osteo-arthritis in it. 40 years of osteo does not go away in a day! But the RA, the Psoriasis is all well under control and best of all no medication for arthritis since July 1st July 2017.

Every day my body improves with its regime of a no refined oils whole food plant based diet and bikram yoga, and I intend to continue with that regime