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i am 40yrs i have a child when i was 18yrs natural conception, about 2005 i tried again after getting married and was unable to, i was giv

on the second try, however my baby is almost four and i have been trying since giving birth but nothing happen, its treating my marriage as my hubby is 5yrs younger than me and want another child. is there any other help out there for people like me?

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Hi. I think that you need to go and see your GP and ask him/her to arrange for you to have some blood tests to check that your hormone levels are OK and that you are ovulating regularly. If there is a problem, then he/she should refer you for a consultation for further investigations and appropriate treatment if necessary. As you are now 40 years old, I would see your GP as soon as possible. I do hope all works out well for you both. Diane


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