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Decided to adopt!


I’m 45 have a child of 4 and 29 (yes 25 yrs difference) wanted a sibling for my 4 yr as it was like having an only child again. After 3 failed IVF attempts loosing 4 embryos with donor eggs, we decided to adopt. The IVF has been a long 3 years and having spent absolutely thousands, have nothing to show for it. So....we go to our information evening next week on adoption and can’t wait. Just like to share with people who think they are running out of options. It’s wonderful to draw a line under what has seemed an ordeal to us. It’s ok to think outside the ‘box’ and give other options a go.......Good luck everyone on whatever you decide xxx

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Good luck sweetie xx

Best of luck with it all!! xx

Jmaw in reply to WeeMrsH

Thanks I will keep in touch and let people know how I get on. It’s good to know that there’s always other options to reach your goals. Never give up! 💕


What a lovely thing to do and what a lucky child to have you as their Mum. I always think adopting is such an amazing thing to do and I am very tempted to do it. Families come in all shapes and sizes these days.

My son is 19 and has a baby boy of his own! 🙂People think I am mad to want to do it all over again but whose place is it to say what is right for us!

All the best with it. xoxo

Thanks Jess I know what you mean, I’ve got a 29 and 4 year old 25 yrs difference! Obviously need a sibling for 4 year old because it’s like having an only child again. If you want more information anyone I can give it as and when I learn it. Just watch this space and I’ll be in touch everyone.......x

hello there! I hope you are doing great. TTC is one of the hardest things a woman has to go through. an adoption is a great option for you and a lot of couples who have problems conceiving. I know how hard it can get because I've been there twice. it was really painful. I miscarried twice and I was devastated. it's really painful when you lose an unborn baby. I was sad all the time, happiness seemed impossible. but then we decided to go for surrogacy. and it was an amazing experience. I had twins through surrogacy. surrogacy is an amazing process for women struggling with infertility. I hope it goes well for you.

Jmaw in reply to tessablue

That’s wonderful I’m so glad you got your family after all that heartache. Thanks for sharing tessablue xxx

I have had 4 miscarriages 2 in the second trimester and due to Trauma i think i want to Adopt as well.

Jmaw in reply to Mireyaozzieg

You go for it honey!!! There’s a little child waiting for a mummy to love them, and you are waiting for a child to love. It’s fate my sweetheart xxx💕xxx

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