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Spreading the Word on FASD - slowly but surely

Bury St Edmunds on Friday was great - over 80 professionals attended The FASD Trust Medical & Healthcare Professionals Forum Local Study Day. A support group for affected individuals and their families / carers will be starting there soon, and the professionals are discussing extending their network into a local branch of the Forum. It is exciting to slowly but surely see these local clinicians working together and families starting to gain more help and support.

Some people might want thunderbolts from heaven to hit everyone and instantly educate all about FASD, but the reality is that we have to build relationships and with respect and courtesy inform people about the condition, about the work we are doing at The FASD Trust and build up a lasting framework of support in society that will outlast us and ensure our children's future is not full of fear, but full of hope.

The FASD Trust - Bringing Hope to those Affected by FASD -

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