Does the oesnophillis cause dispepsia, apart from the symptoms of weezing.

I am 62 years old. around 2yearsback I was found that i am affected with an oesinophillis count of 1600 . prior tothe identifying by pulmonologist i was having gastrict complaintt. The pulmonologist observed that lungs are function excellently and weez may be due to oesinophlis. may i know whether the oesinophilis isa triggering factor to the dispepsia.



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any inflammation at any point along the GI tract can cause problems elsewhere along its length. It's like a hosepipe. Squeeze one end and it affects the flow elsewhere. So inflammation anywhere can cause reflux, otherwise known as dyspepsia. Microaspiration is common with reflux, where tiny amounts of reflux are inhaled, not enough to cause infection (aspiration) but sufficient to inflame the airways and cause wheezing and asthma type symptoms.