When your child has a flare up do they vomit a lot of yellow stomach bile?

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  • Yes ours do, often wondered if it was the immunespressents affecting the liver.

  • Ciaran gets a big problem with that but due to fundo I have to draw it off for him. Quite large amounts though.

  • Bile is produced below the stomach, if your child suffers EGID in their bowel then an increase in inflammation will cause backwards pressure pushing bile into the stomach. The stomach rarely permits it to stay there - and vomiting/retching occurs. Certainly when my son is flaring his G tube drains a lot of hello/green bile. I too have to drain this off because of his fundo. He cannot vomit.

  • yes - because there is inflammation below the stomach which slows the gut down. There is often a backwards pressure and the bile which is usually below the stomach is forced upwards. once in the stomach most will vomit it up, bile tastes revolting too :(