Part One About us and our three children with Eosinophilic Disorders.

Well where do I start? I am Michelle aged 38 and Married to Steve also 38, we have 3 children Josh 15yrs 10 months, Callum 13yrs 8 months and Alexandra-Grace 11yrs 10 months. Steve is in the Armed forces and we have been married 18 years. In 1997 our world changed when Josh was born after a very difficult pregnancy he was born with the cord wrapped around his neck and body, he slept for two days. He was a very quiet baby. Then at 4 weeks old he was admitted to Hospital with Gastroentritis this is when the problems started. The projectile vomiting, the diahorrea, then the blood and mucas started to appear in his nappies. We saw a gastro DR who said it was a allergy and started him on wysoy. This went on for two years with a variety of different milks from nutrimigen to neocate. We were then told it was toddler diahorrea by this time I was pregnant again and we were due to move to Northern Ireland. Once we had moved we meet a lovely gastro dr who sent us to a clinic in Belfast which was ran by a Dr from Birmingham Childrens Hospital.

This was 1999 and for the first time a scope was suggested we finally thought we were getting somewhere with Josh, how wrong we were.