Has anyone taken their child abroad with Eosinophilice Discorder?

We last took our son when he was 2 years old and after a couple of days we was sent home because he was so poorly. He picked up a bug on the plane on the way. My worries are how we I feed him, will he react to the environment and food and how will he cope with the journey.

I would really aprreciate your thoughts!

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Hi We have three children with EGID and we take them to the south of france, although we go self catering and drive there, but by doing that we can ensure that they have safe foods. The south of france is very good for free from foods. We also took them to America. We have found that the children always seem to be much better in a different enviroment and when we arrive home they become ill again. I know of some families that have flew to spain and arranged with the hotel to provide free from foods. I hope this helps a little x


Thank you so much for answering my question, I really appreciate your thoughts, and will look into going to the South of France. Could you please let me know where you stayed? x