How many Eosinophilic people have bladder issues also.

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  • Yes -both of my two have bladder issues. One with a blocked ureter if his motility deteriorates which then causes an "irritable bladder" cycle. Other one loses control when flaring.

  • Yes Ciaran has terrible trouble peeing when his EO is playing up. Thought it was just him.

  • Alex has recently started having bladder issues, minor incontinence during flares. never been an issue before.

  • Yes Laura has trouble voiding, no fullness feeling and pain on micturation. She has a suprapubic catheter to empty her bladder after uretheral catheters became unable to site and had overflow due to excessive bladder sedament. Several bladder washes are required daily as there is excessive sedament causing blockages. Haematuria is currently a huge problem with the bladder and recurrent UTI with the suprapubic in place.

  • Has had issues w/ minor incontinence too